Anne Strommen Lycke Chairperson, Technology Centre Mongstad, Norway

Anne Strømmen Lycke is the chairperson of Technology Centre Mongstad, (TCM), Norway, which is the world’s largest carbon capture testing facility, which has just been opened to the global CCS community. The core aims of the Mongstad centre are to test, verify and demonstrate CO2 capture technology, to reduce cost, technical, environmental and financial risks, and to encourage the international development of the market for CO2 capture technology. In the UK, amongst other countries, CCS is viewed as absolutely crucial to solving climate change, and the opening of TCM plays a vital role in cost effectively commercialising the technology.

Anne works with Technology Centre Mongstad’s parent organisation Gassnova. Gassnova was established to manage Norwegian governmental interests related to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), and is in charge of the construction and operation of the facilities and infrastructure for the CCS solutions at Kårstø and Mongstad. The opening of the Centre has the potential for significant global importance in addressing climate change and transitioning to the low carbon economy.

Anne has extensive experience in industrial climate change mitigation technologies and as well as CCS, in recent years she has had a special focus on wind and hydro power. Anne is also a board member of Energi21 and is Chairman of the Norwegian Wind Energy Association.