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Anne-Marie Scully

Author of Motherhoodwinked - An Infertility Memoir and Five Million Born - An IVF Companion Guide

Anne-Marie Scully is a freelance writer and author of Motherhoodwinked, a memoir documenting her struggle with infertility and Five Million Born, an IVF companion guide.

She also runs the digital publishing company Orchard Wall Publishing.

IVF - Is There a Right Time?

Just as you will hear people say there is never a 'right time' to try for a baby, I now believe the same is true for IVF treatment. There is never a 'right time' so regardless of your situation don't keep putting it off.
30/06/2014 15:34 BST

Childless at Christmas

I am finally expecting a baby in February after almost four years of battling infertility and IVF treatments. Despite being so close to my goal of being a mother I have not forgotten for one second the pain that I have endured to get here. I especially cannot forget how much more intense that pain was at Christmastime.
23/12/2013 11:09 GMT

Who Will Be the Real Winners With Kindle MatchBook?

With MatchBook, if the reader also has access to a digital copy, which can easily be accessed not just from a Kindle but also from the free Kindle app on any smartphone, ipad or laptop, that situation may no longer arise.
05/09/2013 13:55 BST

Why Do Some Books Have the X-Factor?

We all have our favourite books but what makes some books so special that they become a favourite book for millions of people? Without doubt, great editing, engaging cover art and clever marketing all play their part but I am more interested in what the initial ingredients are that go into making the writing itself special.
28/06/2013 17:26 BST

Homesick On Holidays

If I am lucky enough to be able to afford a holiday, no matter how carefully I try to tailor it to my idiosyncratic needs, bring my own teabags and chocolate from home, or how desperately I need the break from work, homesickness always seems to strike me, even when on what should be the most perfect holidays.
30/05/2013 13:29 BST

How I Was Hoodwinked By A Psychic

It was my battle with infertility and my desperation to have a child that drove me to visit a psychic a couple of years ago. My husband and I had been trying to conceive without success for almost a year and were starting to fear that something might be wrong, but rather than go to see a doctor and start the process of medical investigations I chose to go to psychic...
13/05/2013 23:04 BST

Internet Sensation, Not Overnight Sensation

If tweeting or blogging on fan fiction sites isn't your thing and you prefer the traditional medium of a book, you no longer need to wait for a contract from a traditional publisher to get your work out there thanks to ebook retailers like Amazon and Kobo who offer self-publishing platforms.
04/04/2013 12:01 BST

Why It's Not Always Possible to 'Lean In'

Since its release just over two weeks ago, much has been said and written about Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's new book, <em>Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will To Lead</em>. I am not one of Sheryl's haters, in fact, having had the opportunity to witness her speak on a number of occasions while we both worked at Google, I can testify that she is a truly inspirational woman. However, I feel that her story only represents one type of woman, the successful woman in business who also has children.
24/03/2013 23:34 GMT