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Ashleigh Brown

Ashleigh is a tirelessly curious lover of learning and sharing perspective angles on normalised phenomena.

She specialises in Education and International Development, and champions non formal schooling, linguistic heterogenity, and community curricula.

Wall Eyed at Waterloo

Anyone who entertains a complex based on the idea that computers will become self-aware and start taking over the world has undoubtedly been labeled neurotic in days gone by... But it seems that the more paranoid segment of the population have finally solidified evidence for their doubt.
24/05/2012 15:55 BST

The Lonely Londoners

Loneliness in London sounds like a heinous oxymoron. The centre of almighty Britain, home to over nine million people, has been hailed by countless critics as a socialite's playpen, a place where anything is possible, and the streets are paved with gold.
23/03/2012 21:05 GMT

The Art of Smoking

To a non smoker, the concept of smoking is often considered absurd. A regular smoker could and does spend up to £50 a week on a biting cigarette addiction, regularly strolling to the local shop to buy a box or tobacco packet decorated with a picture of a dying baby, a pussing red globular throat tumour, or a simple corpse.
06/02/2012 23:47 GMT