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Ben Hughes

Ben is CEO of Responsible Finance

Ben Hughes is chief executive of Responsible Finance, supporting a strong and growing network of responsible finance providers who are building resilient economies across the UK.

Redundancies Make Headlines - Missed Opportunities Should Too

Whenever a well-known business announces redundancies of hundreds of jobs it makes the headlines. We all understand the horrifying impact these kinds of decisions have on people and communities. So imagine where the UK's recovery would be without the 100,000 jobs that exist thanks to responsible finance lenders over the past 10 years.
09/03/2016 10:32 GMT

Can Credit Unions Really Compete With the Profits of Wonga?

Wonga has just announced that it makes over £1million profit every week. It made almost four million loans last year and is now the UK's joint 14th biggest lender. Can anyone really compete them out of business? I believe that community finance could and should do just that.
05/09/2013 12:41 BST

Don't Put Funding for Lending on Steroids, Put It on CDFIs

Nick Clegg has spoken this week of the need to extend the Funding for Lending scheme and "put it on steroids". George Osborne, Vince Cable and the Bank of England are also desperate to get the scheme working for small businesses.
15/03/2013 13:01 GMT

The £6billion Finance Gap

There's a £6billion hole in our financial system. There are over eight million people, businesses and social enterprises that don't qualify for bank finance, but who need credit. That's according to new research just release by the CDFA.
13/02/2013 13:20 GMT

Is There Really an Ethical Payday Lender?

It does not surprise me that the number of people seeking help after getting into trouble with multiple payday loans is also growing. But there is an alternative.
29/10/2012 18:21 GMT