Benny Davis Sydney based musician and comedian, composer and songwriter, keyboardist, singer and melodica player. Best known for being short in The Axis of Awesome

Benny Davis is a comedian, singer, pianist, composer, songwriter and music producer, who in the space of only a few years has become an international success and one of Australia’s most noteworthy musical comedians. He is currently based in Sydney.
As a member of music comedy sensation The Axis of Awesome, Benny has performed at clubs, theatres and in festivals on every continent on earth except Antarctica. They have played at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival five years running, each time to full houses in consecutive sold out seasons. They have played at comedy, music and fringe festivals in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Seattle, San Diego, Singapore, Auckland, throughout regional Australia with the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow, and most notably to the prestigious invite-only Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. They have toured the USA extensively, as well as Sweden, Norway, Germany, the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, and even Egypt, performing for ANZAC troops on the Sinai Peninsula.
With musical genius supporting clever humour and acerbic parody, Benny Davis is a talent not to be overlooked. Though it is quite easy to do, he’s only 5’2”.