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Bernard Jenkin

Conservative MP for Harwich and North Essex

The Chancellor's Threat to Pensioners and the NHS Is a Clear Sign of Panic

The attempts to bully and intimidate voters into voting remain have become increasingly ludicrous. It begs the question: how do all those countries outside the EU manage on their own? Most of them do just fine. In fact, most countries outside the EU are doing better than many inside the EU.
15/06/2016 16:54 BST

The EU Renegotiation: 'Full of Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing'

None of the promised changes put forward by the Prime Minister in either his much-vaunted Bloomberg speech, or in the 2015 and 2010 General Election manifestos, are going to be fulfilled. The letter confirms what we had all expected. The renegotiation reminds me of the closing scenes of <em>Macbeth</em>: "full of sound and fury signifying nothing."
03/02/2016 11:14 GMT

The Prime Minister Must Offer the Lib Dems an Ultimatum on Europe

For the Prime Minister to insist that "we would require the agreement of our coalition partners" could be seen as placing politics above principle - an advertisement for self-imposed weakness. The opportunity for David Cameron is visibly to put the country before the coalition. The Prime Minister should offer them an ultimatum.
13/05/2013 09:52 BST