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Bridey Kelly

History Student. People Watcher. Keen Observer with quite a Loud Mouth

Bridey Kelly grew up in London but left home at 17 to move to Brighton. In her simple 22 years she has worked every minimum waged hospitality job known to human kind. After a few years going about life in that manner Bridey realised there was more to life than mice ridden flats and serving hot dogs at concerts. In 2011, with the threat of rising university fees, Bridey quit her job and returned to full time education at the University of Portsmouth where she is currently a second year History undergraduate.

Bridey has always had a keen interest in people and the way in which we as people communicate and relate to each other. She is a keen Feminist and opponent to the unjust. This is not a complete biography, at 22 it is not about where Bridey has been, but where Bridey intends to go!

It Doesn't Matter What We Wear

The research is not ambiguous on this topic; there is no relationship or association between the clothing and likelihood of being raped. So in the face of overwhelming evidence that clothing does not prevent rape or assault, the real question becomes why do people keep suggesting it does?
27/02/2013 15:30 GMT