Brooke Roberts-Islam Fashion Tech Innovator. Co-Director, BR Innovation Agency (BRIA)

Brooke Roberts is an award-winning digital knitwear designer and Fashion and Technology geek. Brooke is both a science and fashion graduate and is passionate about combining science, technology and fashion in her own work. She has also achieved this through collaborations with the Allen Institute for Brain Science (Seattle) was recently commissioned by the Mayor of London's office to curate a Fashion Tech Installation to launch London Technology Week 2016. Brooke is a sought-after figure who speaks Internationally about the fusion of science, technology and fashion.

Brooke writes for and Huffington Post Style and has also written about 'fashion tech' for CNN Style amongst others. Brooke was recently voted onto the h.Club 100 list of the most influential and innovative creatives in the UK and has given a TED talk on the fusion of fashion and science.

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