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Bryce Keane

Bryce Keane is an international communications professional with experience managing a wide variety of communications campaigns in both the EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions. Originally from Melbourne, he has a fascination with digital, tech and London's booming start-up culture, and has managed communications campaigns across a wide variety of sectors including national and regional campaigns across a variety of industries including: Resources, Agri-Business, Government, Travel/Tourism, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Transport and Logistics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Architecture and Design, Lifestyle, Not-For-Profit, Hygiene, and Technology. He has recently joined the Cohn & Wolfe London team as a Digital Strategist, is a co-founder of tech and creative networking BBQs Digital Sizzle and is a co-organiser of Silicon Drinkabout,a regular after work drinks for startups every Friday 'round the Silicon Roundabout. You can reach him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Creative Spaces are Flourishing Everywhere, but it's Communities That Can Make the Impact

The idea for Digital Sizzle was born one Saturday afternoon on the rooftop of The Queen of Hoxton pub in Shoreditch. A start-up project manager with experience in both the Cambridge and London tech scenes, a web designer and a digital PR guy that sat down and wondered if there was a way to make a real contribution to this community? How could we create a space to share stories, work, lessons and laughs? We decided on something as simple as the common BBQ.
21/11/2011 10:55 GMT