Cai Graham Helping Parents & Teenagers Navigate Adolescence

Cai Graham was a Business Graduate and successful IT project manager until the call of motherhood came knocking and she dived fully into nurturing her home and family.
Once her children were in ‘Big School’ she set up her first passion based business as a family photographer. From her observation of families she noticed a modern-day epidemic of parents enduring their kids instead of enjoying their kids and feeling overwhelmed navigating the trials of modern parenthood.

She felt inspired to facilitate transformation for parents and children and has blended her 20+ years of mothering with her skills as a therapist, coach and photographer to create an online education program, a book, and one of a kind luxury retreats for families looking to reconnect, understand and relate with each other better.
Cai’s ultimate driver is to empower Parents and Young People with the skills to communicate effectively and find confidence to live full, happy and healthy lives.

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