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Callum Macrae

Writer and filmmaker

Callum Macrae is a BAFTA and Grierson nominated film director and writer known for films on human rights and in defence of the disenfranchised. He has made films in the UK and around the world, including Iraq, Japan, Haiti and several in Africa, covering wars and conflicts in Cote D’Ivoire, Uganda, Mali, and Sudan.

He’s won many awards including two Royal Television Society, two One World and an Amnesty award in the UK as well as the Columbia DuPont and Peabody Awards in the US. Last year he gained a Scottish BAFTA Special Achievement Award. For the past two years he’s been named by Broadcast Magazine as one of the top three directors across all UK TV genres.

Before working in film he was an art teacher and a political cartoonist. He was Scottish Correspondent of the Observer for three years during which he won the Bank of Scotland Campaigning Journalist of the Year award. Before all that he was, for two years, a dustman. He is married with two children.

Why Sri Lanka's Detention of Mrs Balenderan Jayakumari Is So Sinister

Mrs Jeyakumari and her daughter were well known activists who had been among the crowds which mobbed British prime minister David Cameron when he visited the former war zone in Jaffna in November last year. Three months later Mrs Jeyakumari sent me a video address in which she warned that she was being followed and harassed as a result of her campaign.
01/10/2014 16:50 BST

Why the Humiliation of Jason Russell is Such a Tragedy

Behind the nonsense of the call to 'Make Kony Famous,' the central demand of Russell's Stop Kony campaign, was the call for the US to intervene militarily against Kony and the LRA. There are a many reasons why that was wrong. And I witnessed one of the most compelling.
18/03/2012 22:14 GMT

Sri Lanka's Killing Fields

In the north east of Sri Lanka just now there is a brutal and repressive clamp-down on the Tamil population. Thousands are still homeless while the military has seized land and homes. Around the world a generation of Tamil youth are burning with anger. If the world does not take action to find the truth and make the perpetrators face justice, that anger may find its expression in a tragic, awful, repetition of history. <em><strong>WARNING: THIS BLOG CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES</strong></em>
12/03/2012 22:15 GMT