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Carol Tobin

Comedian, writer

Carol Tobin is comedian and writer. She has performed in the Edinburgh Festival, The Kilkenny Cats Laugh Festival where she performed with Rich Hall and Adam Hills and The Listowel Writers Week Festival. She also made appearances at the Electric Picnic and Oxegen music festivals.

She has supported Tommy Tiernan and Ardal O'Hanlon in venues across Ireland and plays regularly in comedy clubs in the UK. She has made TV appearances as a panellist on The Panel and The Apprentice -You're Fired. She also starred in Project Ha Ha's Touching People and The Savage Eye. She has performed stand up comedy on RTE's The Liffey Laugh's and on the BBC"S One Night Stand.

Her articles on everything from prescription drugs to pilgrimages have featured in the Sunday Independent, where her controversial feature pieces have won her an allegiance of fans. Her short stories have featured on RTE Radio One popular radio show The Weekend On One.

Chocolate Is Not Better Than Sex

How bad is the sex you're having if some brown foodstuff that you can purchase at a petrol station or in a hospital gift shop is better than some sweaty thigh stiffening human contact?
05/08/2013 14:18 BST

JR From Dallas Used to Babysit Me

All the writers and musicians I adore were all dead by the time arrived on Earth. I'm not saying I'm into dead people, life just panned out that way. But when Larry Hagman died on 23 November, I was genuinely sad because JR from Dallas used to babysit me when I was a kid.
30/11/2012 15:04 GMT

My First Weekday Hangover

They say that you never forget your first love. They, the ones who say that you can't teach an old dog new tricks and that you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. I say that you can't hate someone until you truly hate yourself. I also say that you can easily forget your first love, especially if that event was eclipsed by your very first weekday hangover.
12/11/2012 12:58 GMT

How To Turn A Comedian Off

I recently decided to take a comedy holiday. I just wanted to have a few weeks in my life where I wasn't trying to find the funny in everything. Where I could read some books, listen to music and just relax.
10/09/2012 14:39 BST

The Secrets Of My Success

Lately I've been encountering a lot of fantastic people with one thing in common; a burning desire to know how I do it. So I decided to write a piece explaining my secrets so that you can also do it.
16/08/2012 20:17 BST

Faking It

I have fake laughed a few times in my life. I have faked orgasms to please and faked no orgasms to displease. I have forged my date of birth on various documents. I have feigned illness to get out of school and simulated enjoyment in school, to get out of home. I have imitated a confident person through an insecure moment. I have pretended to cry to get my own way and failed spectacularly. I have bluffed my way through family gatherings in a bid to look sane. Now an addition to my list of forgeries - I faked taking cocaine at a party.
08/08/2012 17:09 BST

I Can't Get No Sleep

I am a self diagnosed insomniac. I didn't need a doctor to inform me of my condition. I had plenty of spare time to diagnose myself as I lay in my bed wide awake for yet another night.
22/08/2011 23:13 BST

Hacking in the Name of Love... or Obsession

My mate had a penchant for listening to ex boyfriends voice-mails. Her technique involved the hash button, a few zero's and the star button on a phone. Through a series of messages she could piece together their every move, well pub move at least.
11/07/2011 00:04 BST