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Carolyn Miller

Chief Executive of international health charity Merlin

Carolyn became Chief Executive of Merlin in 2005, just days after the Asian tsunami prompted Merlin’s largest ever emergency response. Since then she has built Merlin’s longer-term programmes and policy work, as well as overseeing many other emergency responses. Carolyn previously worked as a Director at the UK Department for International Development and as Director of Programmes at Save the Children. She has lived and worked in countries affected by conflict and managed a variety of large international programmes.

Championing Women's Right to Choose

Bill Gates' annual letter is always an inspiring read and today's was no exception. As an international health charity, Merlin is thrilled at the positive impact the Gates Foundation has had - not just on those whose lives are saved or enhanced, but on decisions-made and donations given.
26/01/2012 11:46 GMT

Radio Waves Goodbye to HIV?

This week millions across Britain will tune in to the Archers and enjoy the BBC's tales of milk prices and the Christmas pantomime. In South Sudan, first hand stories of living with HIV/AIDS are more likely to hit the airwaves.
18/11/2011 14:43 GMT

Proud to Work With Liberia's Leading Lady

As the results of the 2011 election begin to emerge, Ellen and Liberia are about to embark on the next step in their future. But whatever the outcome, Merlin is committed to doing everything in our power to save lives and improve the health of a wonderful nation.
16/10/2011 21:15 BST