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Catriona Luke

South Asia contributor to, read history at Oxford

Catriona Luke is South Asia writer for and was staff at the Independent and Evening Standard.

The Light Garden of the Angel King

In Kabul, there were bullets in the squash court, three in the bedroom, three near my bed, three in our bathroom, one missing the minister by six inches. The gardener has continued to drive his two donkeys about our garden with complete unconcern, but the day has come when only one donkey is left.
03/11/2014 16:31 GMT

Hanif Kureishi and the Philosophers' Stone

Kureishi's novel The Last Word shows that if you run the vernacular flotsam and jetsam of human experience on top of a structure of abstract philosophical thought, you may still effect change in society, by literary means.
07/02/2014 17:34 GMT

Rushdie has Damaged Rather Than Protected Free Speech

Rushdie told the World Service that "the most frightening change" that he saw in Pakistan was that the mass of the people seemed to have given up on the "very moderate" religious beliefs that they used to hold.
21/09/2012 12:23 BST

Imran Khan's Deal Done?

The military is thought to have backed Imran Khan to be the next president of Pakistan but while he is popular in Britain, he is less so in Pakistan
29/09/2011 00:08 BST