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Chloe Best

Freelance journalist and writer

Chloe Best is a freelance journalist and writer living in London. Since completing her Journalism degree Chloe has written for a number of lifestyle publications including Company, Closer and Style Birmingham magazines among other titles.

Chloe is passionate about health and holds a certificate in Introductory Nutrition from the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Sweet Nothings: The Lowdown on Quitting Sugar

There's been no escaping the attention on sugar in the press of late; it has finally been recognised that sugar is not only damaging our waistlines, but our health too. By now you'll probably have heard a lot of the shocking statistics, so if you've decided to cut down on sugar these tips will help you cope with cravings, find healthy alternatives and monitor your intake.
21/02/2014 14:18 GMT

Why We Need to Raise Awareness of Pregnancy and Infant Loss

A truly heartbreaking experience, nothing can compare to the loss of a child. Whether through miscarriage, stillbirth or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), infant loss is something that touches an astonishingly high number of families, yet many of us are still unaware of the facts.
28/10/2013 10:50 GMT

Facing Up to the Quarter-Life Crisis

There's something about turning 25 that's bound to provoke a little reflection. Everything just seems a lot more grown up and 30 doesn't feel so far away anymore. Reaching 25 brings the reality that we'd be put in the 'overs' category on The X Factor (really Simon?), the loss of our young person's travel card (no!) and the realisation that fancying One Direction is actually a little bit wrong (oops).
17/04/2013 14:03 BST

Living Alone Doesn't Mean You're Lonely

Britain is home to a load of sad, lonely singletons if recent headlines are anything to go by. Since a UK study has revealed that 16% of Brits now live alone compared to 9% in 1978, mental health charity Mind have expressed their concerns over the state of mind of people living alone. However what they have failed to address is that for many of these people, living alone is a choice.
19/03/2013 19:37 GMT

Horse-Gate: Why it's Time We Ate Less Processed Foods

In the 21st Century, convenience definitely seems to be king. But as the recent horse-gate scandal appears to show, the pressure on manufacturers to produce huge quantities of food at low cost means they sometimes cut corners.
06/03/2013 23:59 GMT