Chris Atkins Director of Feature Documentaries Taking Liberties and Starsuckers, and general media nuisance.

Chris started out producing low budget theatrical fiction films, including Richard Jobson’s, critically acclaimed Sixteen Years Of Alcohol and A Woman in Winter which was nominated for a Scottish BAFTA for best film.

In 2006 he directed a documentary on the loss of civil liberties in the UK called TAKING LIBERTIES. Helped by Michael Moore’s producer, the film was released theatrically to coincide with Tony Blair’s departure in June 2007 and was given excellent reviews in the national broadsheet and tabloid press. It played in over 100 cinemas around the UK and was one of the highest grossing documentaries of 2007. He also wrote a book to accompany the film which has sold 1000’s of copies and is on the reading lists for GCSE and A Level.

In 2008 Chris was nominated for a BAFTA for best Writer & Director in their first feature film.

As a follow up Chris set out to make a film about the toxic effect that the media and celebrity are having on our world. Two years later STARSUCKERS was premiered at the London Film Festival in October 2009, and received unprecedented press attention, taking up the front page of The Guardian for two days running and then making the news in countries all over the world. The film fought off legal challenges from the News Of The World, Max Clifford and Bob Geldof, and was theatrically released to rave reviews,
and has easily become the most talked about documentary of the year. He has screened the film in over 100 schools and universities. More recently he
faked an urban fox hunting film that was taken seriously by most of the British Press and the BBC. Despite having a penchant for hoaxes he also does serious investigative work.

He likes skydiving, moonwalking and curing cancer, and is also a chronic fantasist.