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Chris Bryant

Labour MP for Rhondda, shadow culture secretary

Labour MP for Rhondda, shadow culture secretary

Labour Needs a Leader Who Actually Wants to Be Prime Minister, And Who the Electorate Thinks Can Be Prime Minister

I want to say to anyone in the Labour Party who really thinks that it's more important to burnish our socialist credentials than to sully our hands by actively pursuing power, please think again. Of course we have to hold firm to our principles but we have to be absolutely disciplined in our pursuit of policies that can command the support of the whole country... We will only advance as a party if we have a leader who actually wants to be Prime Minister and who the electorate (in Clacton as well as Rhondda) thinks can be Prime Minister
23/07/2015 14:14 BST

We'll End Long-Term Unpaid Internships

When the first ladder in a career in the creative industries requires a financial leg-up, it is little wonder that it was almost impossible to spot a black face at the BAFTA and Olivier Awards ceremonies this year.
19/04/2015 23:44 BST

On Immigration, Labour Will Fight Exploitation And Unfairness

Migrants have helped build our economy and staffed our public services. However, there is no doubt that there's been a growing reliance on overseas workers in recent years. That's not a sign of a healthy economy, but a dysfunctional one.
22/09/2013 19:28 BST

The Queen's Speech Shows That, After Only Three Years, This Failing Government Is Out of Ideas

All the pre-briefing about the Queen's Speech suggested that its centrepiece, its pièce de résistance, would be a new immigration bill. Trumpets sounded. The drum roll played. But by the time the Queen had returned to Buckingham Palace and sent the Crown back to the Tower of London, the government confessed that all they had come up with was a set of three measures that they are considering putting into a Bill that will not even be ready for presenting to parliament until the autumn.
10/05/2013 11:06 BST