Claire Broadley Technical writer for WhoIsHostingThis, Red Robot Media, and more

Claire Broadley is a copy and technical writer. She runs her own business, Red Robot Media, a technical authoring and SEO copywriting company, and writes for clients all over the world.

Claire became interested in technology at a very young age. She was given her first computer, an Acorn Electron, aged six. By age ten - in 1990 - she did a class presentation on a new IT communication network; the network that would eventually become known as the internet.

After school, Claire toured round the world with her electronic music project, Printed Circuit. She then embarked on a career in IT. Having started as a helpdesk administrator, Claire gained two Microsoft qualifications with high pass marks. After gaining more experience, she combined her love of writing with her love of gadgets and technology, branching out into technical writing.

In 2011, Claire left her steady job working for a University in England and kick-started her business career. She now runs Red Robot Media and completes SEO copywriting and technical writing projects for a diverse range of clients in a range of sectors.

For more information on Claire, go to the Red Robot Media website.