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Claire Irvin

Editor-in-chief, Mother and Baby magazine

Claire Irvin is one of the UK’s most exciting and dynamic magazine editors, with experience across a rich breadth of magazine readers.

Before taking the helm at Mother and Baby, the UK’s number one parenting magazine, Irvin was Editor of SHE magazine, where she was responsible for a critically acclaimed relaunch, a string of high profile celebrity cover exclusives and channelling the zeitgeist for the magazine’s 600,000 high-achieving 35-45 year old readers.

Prior to SHE, Irvin was Editor at Large of Grazia, the UK’s most glamorous, dynamic weekly glossy. One week she could be organizing an intimate dinner for the fashion world’s elite, another co-ordinating an all-star cover shoot, still yet another interviewing pre-election party leaders.

Previously Irvin’s career has spanned nearly every area of magazine journalism. As Acting Editor of Company, she transformed it into a vibrant, edgy, cool magazine with its own distinctive personality, perfectly pitched for its 18-30 readership. She also gave them a political voice, and reignited the magazine’s campaign platform.

As OK!’s deputy editor, she was at the coalface of weekly celebrity magazines, juggling mega-budget deals with B-list celebrity egos and the exorbitant demands of their agents.

At Red and InStyle, Claire had hands-on experience of running big-budget fashion magazines – and their over-resourced and under-worked teams.

Previously, Claire also had extensive experience in the contentious teen market – in its heyday, even more competitive than today’s women’s weeklies. She was Editor of ELLEgirl and turned it
from a saccharine-sweet bi-monthly 'Baby ELLE' into an award-winning,
cutting-edge monthly must-have for aspirational 16-20 year olds.

Claire was also Editor of teen market
leader Sugar - a controversial role that would
find her simultaneously hailed as one of the 50 most influential women in the
UK (The Times, Sept 6 2003) and lambasted as 'The Most Immoral Woman in
Britain' (Bob Geldof, most weeks, 2002-2004). In every issue she delivered the latest insider celebrity exclusives, the most
salacious (but believable) real life stories, the fittest boys, and gave the
readers a good giggle, too.

Claire also writes novels, most recently zeitgeisty bestseller Cougars. She also ghost writes for select celebrities.

Claire lives with husband Stuart, four year old daughter Amelie Rose and year old son Charley in a thatched house in Cambridgeshire.

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