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Clementine Prendergast

Founder of Fat Girl

23 years old and the founder of Fat Girl, a body positive platform passionate about deconstructing body politics, diet culture and empowering girls to feel comfortable in their own skin. In harnessing the power of community Fat Girl aims to be a safe space for women of all shapes and sizes to make peace with their bodies.

The Perfection Paradox: Why It's Taking So Long To Launch Fat Girl

The Fat Girl initiative encourages us to accept perceived flaws, recognising bodily perfectionism as an illusionary and ultimately redundant concept. I believe these imperfections are metaphoric of our wider worldly struggles, using the word "fat" as an expression of emotional mess.
20/06/2017 13:19 BST

The Criminalisation Of Fat: Why I'm So Afraid Of Getting Fat

<img alt="all women everywhere" src="" width="300" height="35" /> Fat is political, sometimes so powerful it can govern over us. While I've worked hard to overcome my eating and body image issues, now feeling comfortable in my skin, I believe my fear of fat will remain for as long as society is afraid of it.
27/03/2017 17:50 BST