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Clifford Gross

Founder and chief executive of Tekcapital

Cliff Gross is founder and CEO of Tekcapital. He has supervised the completion of more than 100 technology transfers and previously founded, financed, took public, and ran as CEO, two companies, both focused on technology transfer and commercialization.

He has served on the Listed Companies Council of the NYSE-AMEX and serves on the board of directors of the State University of New York at Empire State College and the Technology Transfer Society.

Cliff has held senior academic and administrative positions with New York University, the New York Institute of Technology and the University of South Florida. He is a named inventor on 19 domestic and international patents on innovations from his research, is author or co-author of three books, two of which are focused on technology transfer (Technology Transfer for Entrepreneurs and The New IdeaFactory), and holds master's and PhD degrees in ergonomics and biomechanicsfrom New York University.

To Get Ahead, Britain Needs a Merger Between Business and Science

With 80% of the new ideas being produced in the world's universities and research labs failing to make it to market, questions have to be asked over not just levels of investment in innovation, but how business is accessing the work that is already being produced.
12/12/2012 12:07 GMT