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Damilola Odelola

Christian. Feminist. Developer. Poet.

I’m in my last year of my undergrad, and about to start my masters in African Literature in September. I write poetry some of which you can read here, and I also write some other random stuff which you can read here. I haven’t done much with my life yet, so there isn’t much to say in this section.

Brown Faces in Tech Spaces

If the industry is dominated by white men - as most very profitable industries are - that automatically means that others have a harder time breaking through and getting some of those riches. Women are already paid less in tech making it harder for them to get a piece of the pie.
12/01/2015 17:13 GMT

Why Don't I Have a Job?

Yes, there may be some graduates who are lazy and bring their unemployment on themselves, but there are many of us who aren't and can't afford to be. We try, we work hard, we have good grades, we show initiative, we are creative, we are dynamic, and we might be funny. So why are we unemployed?
18/09/2013 15:25 BST

Top Boy and Black Stories

In a sense, <em>Top Boy</em> does contribute and feed into negative racial stereotypes. However, as I said before, these are real stories and do depict real life situations. The majority of inhabitants on many a London estate are black or ethnic minority, but these are not the only stories.
27/08/2013 13:46 BST

God is Love

When Christ was on His mission trip to earth, He met the needs of the people before He preached, whether they were hungry or paralyzed, and He encourages us to do the same. Both C and B had good intentions however only one of them showed the fruit of their good intentions
10/06/2013 12:11 BST

Whitewashed TV

I don't think we've seen a drama on what it's like to be the only black person in a predominately white community, or multiple stories where the black characters are the heroes, or a drama about a middle-class, two parent, black family. When you see a programme advertised with more than one main black character, you kind of know what to expect.
06/06/2013 17:29 BST

The 'Fuss' About Lad Culture

Understand that lad culture is a subdivision of our society and is not contained, it spreads through everything. Advertisements directed at men that show a woman as an object (a games console, a beer bottle, etc) are not only appealing to men within the culture, but also reinforce the idea that objectifying women is right and okay. Our society makes lad culture acceptable.
15/05/2013 09:17 BST