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Damir Rafi

Medical student and writer

Damir Rafi is a medical student and member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association, organising regular youth events and interfaith discussions on issues relating to current affairs and religion.

Negative Press Coverage Has Dragged Corbyn Down, But There's Still A Way He Can Win

When an individual with influence seeks not just to shuffle the existing pack of cards, rigged in favour of the rich, but to throw them away and produce a new pack which gives everyone in society a fair chance, then opposition and slander is bound to follow. However, in the age of the internet, Corbyn's true values and messages still have the potential to spread unhindered by corporate agendas.
17/05/2017 16:46 BST

Corbyn Is The Most Electable Politician In A Generation

His leadership election victories against powerful voices who stood against him give us hope that enough of the electorate can see through the empty 'unelectable' anti-Corbyn rhetoric and that, just maybe, he can go one better.
08/05/2017 13:13 BST

The Key To Defeating Muslim Extremism: Love For All, Hatred For None

Whilst bombs can destroy extremists, they cannot destroy extremist mentalities. It is only through penetrating the hearts of the world through love, and doing whatever one can to improve the lives of others, that a hateful ideology can truly be defeated. Whatever one's background or faith, the concept of love driving out hate must surely be one that is easy to endorse.
21/04/2017 16:38 BST

After Brussels, We Cannot Fight Terror With Terror

With at least 30 people killed in Brussels and hundreds injured, and with dozens injured in Istanbul only a few days earlier, the world yet again watches, helpless in horror at the cruelty of the perpetrators and silent in mourning the innocent victims.
23/03/2016 10:36 GMT

What Would a True Islamic State Look Like?

A State in which its Muslim citizens are prepared not only to live in peace with those of other faiths, but be willing to fight and die to safeguard their rights. A State in which a matchless spirit of peace is forged on the precepts of complete justice. A State in which there exists unity in diversity, in which there is light and compassion instead of darkness and hatred...
06/01/2016 12:05 GMT

#ExMuslimBecause - How Islam Protects the Rights of Ex-Muslims

As affirmed emphatically by Islam, faith is a matter for the heart. If the so-called Muslim scholars today truly wanted to prevent apostasy, they would treat everyone - including apostates - with kindness rather than intolerance, and with love rather than vengeance.
08/12/2015 10:18 GMT