Dan Crow Brooke Parrott, Artist Ambassador

Dan Crow is leading the engineering team and driving innovation in Songkick’s mobile products and intelligent search engines.

An AI specialist skilled in information extraction and machine learning, Dan held a number of senior roles at Google from 2006 prior to joining Songkick in January 2011.

Working for Google in New York, Dan founded the Google Squared project that developed techniques in information retrieval and indexing. In London, Dan managed three advertising engineering teams and later led the Google Mobile App Team as the Tech Lead Manager.

Prior to that, Dan held a number of roles including Senior Engineering Manager at Apple in Cupertino working on QuickTime products and other software tools. Dan was a co-founder and CTO of Blurb in 2005, a startup that provides tools to help the general public self-publish books in a variety of formats.

At Blurb Dan led the product, engineering and QA teams. Dan graduated from the University of Leeds with a BSc in Computer Science and and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.