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Dan Murtah

Teacher and stand-up comedian living in Manchester, UK

Dan Murtah is a Geordie and former Catholic priest with a an M.A. from Durham University. He now lives in Manchester where he teaches religious studies and performs stand up comedy.

I Left The Priesthood For The Woman I Love

<img alt="life less ordinary banner" src="" width="300" height="35" /> Those conservative Catholics aren't happy with me and I have received many messages telling me so: from "Good riddance," and "Shame on you," to "You are damned to hell fire for eternity". The irony of these un-Christian attacks.
14/03/2017 16:15 GMT

I Can't Believe I Once Prayed Outside An Abortion Clinic

I am not sure why I thought standing outside on those cold afternoons was appropriate. Maybe I thought it would actually make a positive difference. I'm now certain it didn't. No woman arriving to have an abortion was comforted by our presence.
14/02/2017 17:09 GMT