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Daniel E. Browne

Peak performance coach and business consultant

Daniel is a business coach, speaker and peak performance expert.

Starting off from humble beginnings in inner city london Daniel worked his way up to land a job as a corporate financier in an investment banker.
However the glamour of banking wasn't what he thought it would be.
Daniel saw through 12 hour days, the all nighters and the working weekends. He knew there had to be more to life. He wanted a social life, friends, family and loves. He wanted to enjoy hobbies, read books, learn new skills, sleep soundly and basically have a life. Daniel saw there was more to life than work, but that work was an integral part of his life.
Daniel studied meditation, tai chi, productivity managment and more, Daniel discovered that there is
more to life – much more. He learned balance without sacrifice and applied it to all aspects of his life. Writing the book the "Energy Equation - how to be top performer without burning yourself out"

Through his business City Performance Coaching , Daniel works with entrepreneurs and high performance professionals helping them to accomplish more with less stress.

From Busy to Super Busy: Why It's Time to Give Up the B Word

Being busy is a sort of laziness. While it can mean "actively fully engaged or occupied," when it rolls off the lips of most people it means being overwhelmed and unable to cope. Most people are trapped in overwhelm, and rather than actually looking at the totality of what there is to do and making rational choices...
10/11/2014 10:36 GMT

How to Learn to Focus or Rehab for Multi-Taskers

I am a firm believer in focusing but have to admit to being a recovering multi-tasker. It's not that I actually want to multi-task or even that I think it's a good idea; no, I have a racing mind and at times I find it hard to stop the incessant flow of things I need to do.
08/10/2013 14:10 BST

Age Slower

Adult life is stressful - look at how quickly prime ministers and presidents age after taking office. You only need to look at how Obama has aged since taking officeor how Tony Blair aged in his tenure as prime minister to see that stress can definitely cause ageing.
07/03/2013 16:54 GMT

Are We Too Afraid to Leave Work on Time?

Presenteeism is a well established practice in the management consultancy and legal professions where the workforce, being billed by the hour, are incentivised to work longer. But is the rest of the working population now too afraid to leave work on time?
17/02/2013 22:07 GMT