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Daphne Leprince-Ringuet

French student at the University of Edinburgh. Pêché mignon: writing.

My name is Daphné Leprince-Ringuet. I am a French student at the University of Edinburgh and my pêché mignon has always been writing.

Though I was born and brought up in France, I was lucky to go to international schools, which is how I acquired a good level of fluency in English and a taste for culturally diverse experiences. I graduated in June 2012 with the international version of the French Baccalaureat with first class honours, which opened the doors of the University of Edinburgh for me. I am currently in my first year of studies and will hopefully graduate in Spanish and English Literature in 2016.

I have always spent a great part of my free time reading and writing, and the perspective of a career in journalism very soon appealed to me. At the age of 13, I started a literary blog and joined a virtual community of readers and amateur literary critics. My reviews attracted more than 3000 visitors in the last few years, but I am now looking forward to write on a wider range of subjects and within a more professional organization. For this reason I have also joined The Student (the student newspaper of the University of Edinburgh) and have already contributed a few articles for them.

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01/11/2012 16:28 GMT