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David Bradford

Freelance writer

David Bradford is a feature writer and subeditor. He has written for, among others, the Independent, Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Runner's World, and Cycling Weekly.

He is mostly interested in human animals and the things they do to make the awful truth seem tolerable if not touching: long-distance running, social affairs, ideas, and not-seeing things (he has the inherited eye disorder retinitis pigmentosa).

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Post-Truth? What Terrifies Me Is The Normalisation Of Lies

Post-truth is a misnomer. What we mean is post-critical: when normal is accepted as unchallengeable, even and especially when normal is morally complicated. The only streetwise response to a new norm that seems morally questionable is a knowing shrug denoting a comfy blend of indifference and wry detachment...
02/02/2017 16:34 GMT

Break It to Me Gently, Doctor, How Long Have I Got?

"This is a 10-minute appointment," the GP said firmly. The implication was clear: he didn't have time to look at the growth on my dad's head. Three months later, Dad was dead. The lumps were cancer that had spread from his lungs...
07/10/2013 17:20 BST

Gay Boy From Damascus

Syria may be drawing near to a new era of free expression, but for gay Syrians one realm of secrecy will remain as compulsory and oppressive as ever.
26/10/2011 00:00 BST