David Mochel Coach, Consultant, Writer. Providing indivduals and organizations with the tools for well-being

Dave Mochel is a coach and consultant who provides individuals and organizations with life-changing tools to increase well-being and effectiveness. He teaches research-based and time-tested practices and principles for living and working with awareness, compassion, and purpose.

Raised on a farm in New York State, Dave grew up wrestling with profound anxiety. After receiving his undergraduate degree from Williams College, Dave received his Masters degree in Multicultural and Humanistic Education from SUNY New Paltz. A clinical internship in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction from the University of Massachusetts Medical Center led to a two decade study of enduring wisdom and science related to human flourishing. He now feels deep gratitude for the anxiety that pushed him to find ways to relate to life kindly and joyfully.

Dave offers presentations, in-services, retreats, seminars, and ongoing consultation, as well as individual coaching.

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