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David Skelton

Director of Renewal, dedicated to broadening Conservative appeal

David Skelton is Director of Renewal, dedicated to broadening Conservative appeal

David was previously Deputy Director and Head of Research at Policy Exchange – an independent think tank working for a stronger society, better public services and a more dynamic economy.

David has worked at the forefront of politics, policy development and public service reform for over a decade. Prior to joining Policy Exchange he worked in management consultancy, where he was heavily engaged in developing progressive and innovative thought leadership for the public sector, as well as working regularly with public sector professionals in health, education and policing. David was also Deputy Director of the Parliamentary Resources Unit, a body that provides specialised research services to Members of Parliament.

David was born and brought up in Consett, County Durham. He was the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for North Durham at the last election, gaining a swing of almost 9%. He blogs regularly for Platform 10 and supports Sunderland AFC.

Warren, Not Clinton, Could Be the Most Potent Crossover Candidate

Conservatives should be hoping that there's a candidate in the race who's campaigning for stronger families and small businesses, a stronger middle class and reduced concentration of power. A Warren candidacy would be so much more interesting than the dynastic machine politics of Bush Mk III v Clinton Mk II.
14/04/2015 08:51 BST

Len McCluskey and the Flat Earthers Are Wrong - Tony Blair Still Has Many Lessons For Today's Politicians

Is Blair ready to 'do a Clinton' and make an 'elder statesman' return to domestic politics? Of course, Clinton didn't fight a hugely unpopular war which, rightly or wrongly, has affected Blair's reputation. Equally, two of Clinton's biggest successes could be regarded as two of Blair's biggest failures. Clinton balanced the budget, whereas New Labour eventually lost their fiscal prudence.
02/10/2012 17:25 BST

In Defence Of Football

We're right to celebrate the most amazing few weeks of sport that most of us can remember. Some great British heroes, from Mo Farah to Charlotte Dujardin were taken to the nation's heart. London 2012 was absolutely unforgettable. But we shouldn't use their success to have a go at football or footballers.
19/08/2012 10:43 BST

Ed Miliband is Right to Speak at the Durham Miners' Gala

If politicians are serious about reengaging working class people in politics, they can't do that from Westminster and they can't do that by looking down their noses at events where working class people can show pride in their heritage. Some might think that Miliband speaking is a lurch to the left. They would be wrong.
15/07/2012 23:32 BST

Englishness Matters and Politicians Should Embrace It

Some people in the Westminster bubble may not like the concept of Englishness. But shuddering and turning away cannot be an option for Tory or Labour politicians still struggling to win the votes of the patriotic football crowds.
24/06/2012 13:57 BST

I'm Sorry, Dr Fox - Gay Marriage Isn't Just a "Metropolitan Elite" Issue

According to opponents of gay marriage, it is a measure that only attracts support amongst the "metropolitan elite" - according to their analysis once you step outside of Hampstead or Soho , support for equal marriage simply withers away. Former Defence Secretary, Dr Liam Fox was the latest political figure to use this argument, suggested that the Government's proposals for gay marriage represented "social engineering" on the part of a "metropolitan elite." The only trouble is that, in the case of gay marriage, it simply isn't true.
14/06/2012 16:38 BST

In Defence of the Grand National

This weekend, millions of Brits will be betting on one of the world's most spectacular sporting events. The Grand National will be watched by about ten million viewers in this country alone - once a year punters will be placing a bet and people who don't normally watch horse racing will be watching the big race.
13/04/2012 22:45 BST

It's World Aids Day, but Where are the Ribbons?

It's World Aids Day today and the red ribbon is its symbol. But today, on Britain's high streets, there is little sign of many red ribbons, despite there being a greater need for awareness of HIV and Aids than any time since the disease's peak in the 1980s.
01/12/2011 13:21 GMT

Sport Should Be Used To Help Re-engage Alienated Young People

The transformative effect of sport in poorer communities is clear for all to see. We should use the fact that England are now the world's number one cricket team to inspire young people from deprived backgrounds and help reengage many young people in society.
23/08/2011 15:38 BST

The BBC Should Think Again Before Meddling With BBC4

The report suggests that the BBC is keen to preserve BBC3 instead of BBC4. The channel is home of such anti public service programmes as the repellent "Geordie Finishing School For Girls" , as well as "Fast Food Baby" and "Underage and Pregnant".
17/08/2011 15:46 BST