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David Thorp

Director of Research and Professional Development at the Chartered Institute of Marketing

David leads the Institute’s Research and Information, and Learning and Development Divisions with responsibility for thought-leadership, research, policy development, training and continuing professional development. He trained originally as a lawyer but has subsequently acquired over 25 years experience in marketing roles to director level. Additionally, he has significant expert-level experience in learning and development and performance management. David is a qualified executive coach focusing on working with marketers at transition points in their working lives.

The Living Wage: Business Sense and Morality Align

Ed Miliband's proposals to make the living wage a central tenant of the Labour Party's next manifesto have brought renewed attention to the role of ethics and social responsibility in business: we now have a rare opportunity to make the point that doing business responsibly is entirely compatible with both profitability and competitive advantage.
16/11/2012 11:08 GMT

Paying the Price of Middle-Aged Drinking

A commonly expressed solution to the problem of excessive drinking is to raise the price of alcohol. However, whilst we should acknowledge the continued efforts to address this issue, this somewhat misses the point.
19/10/2012 17:54 BST