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Dean O'Brien

A student who's also a mentee with the charity, abandofbrothers.

Dean O'Brien is a student and mentee with the charity, abandofbrothers. The latter do unique, rites of passage weekends called The Quest with young (18-25) ex-offenders. As well as mentoring programmes and weekly meetings between the young and older men. They are big on emotional intelligence. "I discovered I was worth a lot more than I thought I was." He is based in London. Abob are a national charity with their headquarters in Brighton.

A Mentor And A Mentee From Abandofbrothers Talk

I really wanted to get involved and contribute to my community in Tottenham. I was aware that I lacked a deeper connection with a sense of purpose or tribe where I felt I belonged. I was going through a fairly challenging time in my own life so it was a very good time to learn about abandofbrothers.
06/11/2017 14:07 GMT