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Deborah Briggs

Chair of the Board for the Global Alliance for Rabies Control

Professor Deborah J. Briggs is Chair of the board for the Global Alliance for Rabies Control. Based in Kansas, she teaches as Adjunct Professor of Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University, where she previously worked as Director of the Rabies Laboratory. She is also a member of the Expert Group of the World Health Organisation Committee on Rabies. Deborah previously held the position as senior service fellow at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia.

Having dedicated her professional life to the eradication of rabies, Deborah in 1998 received a Distinguished Service Award from the Kansas Veterinary Medical Association as well as the Guide Dog Users Access Partners Award. Since then, she has been awarded numerous further clinical trial and study grants on rabies research and animal disease control. She has been published in a plethora of renowned journals including ‘Biologicals’, ‘Veterinary Practice’ and ‘American Journal of Veterinary Research’, as well as World Health Organisation publications.

What Does Dog Rabies Cost the World Today?

A new report published today reveals the staggering cost of dog rabies to the world economy. Rabies costs $8.6bn and kills 160 people every single day. It is the world's most deadly infectious disease. Once symptoms show, it is close to 100% fatal - and yet it is entirely preventable.
20/04/2015 11:15 BST

Why Rabies Has to End - Now

There are few things more vivid in my memory the day I met my first rabies victim. In a dark, airless room in rural Southeast Asia, some ten years ago, I heard a story so tragic and moving it changed my life forever...
26/09/2014 11:53 BST

Taking the Bite Out of Vaccination

With the right knowledge and technology, prevalence of rabies need not stop you from visiting some of the most interesting and wonderful places in the world. But please exercise caution, and in the event you or someone in your party is bitten, do not leave anything to chance.
23/05/2014 10:46 BST

The Hidden Cost of the Silent Killer

In many ways, rabies takes advantage of the special relationship between man and dog. The two species have lived in close quarters and relied on each other for protection, food and companionship for thousands of years. Preserving this cherished bond and delivering populations - urban and rural - from untold suffering and financial cost, must be a priority for governments wherever rabies holds sway.
18/11/2013 10:50 GMT

Fighting Rabies: Notes From the Front Line

When the leading lights in the global fight against rabies gather on the Filipino island of Bohol this week, enjoying the tropical climate and picture-postcard beaches will be the furthest thing from their minds.
15/07/2011 21:07 BST