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Diana Verde Nieto

Founder and CEO,, Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum

Argentinean by birth and European in spirit, Diana is the founder and CEO of; a guide to living positively. The site showcases best-in-class brands for their social and environmental efforts.

Previously, she founded Clownfish, a global sustainability communications consultancy, taking the company from a niche, London-based company to a global brand spanning 5 markets, including China and the US. In 2008, Clownfish was acquired by Aegis Media, a global media company. Diana is a social entrepreneur, nominated by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader in recognition of her professional accomplishments, commitment to society and potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world. Among other things, Diana has been trained by Al Gore at the Alliance of Climate Protection and serves as an adviser to many companies, governments and non-governmental organizations.

Why Life in the Fast Lane Isn't a Sign of Success

Picture your typical weekday: from the moment your alarm goes off, blaring annoyingly, until the last time you check your emails before lights out, it's full speed ahead. Most of us rush through the week, struggling to fit as much into our 24 hours as we possibly can, fast (sometimes healthy) food...
01/12/2014 12:57 GMT

How Collaborative Consumption Can Save the World

Imagine being able to borrow an Alexander McQueen dress at the click of a button. To step outside on a rainy day and have a car waiting for you. To stay in someone else's New York loft apartment on your holidays, complete with all of the homely finishing touches and recommendations (a corner shop, a bar, a hairdresser) that you need.
30/10/2014 15:11 GMT

Why It's Time to Be Part of Positive Week

This week, some of the most socially and environmentally responsible brand's in the world are coming together to convince us that what brand of mascara you use, or what kind of watch you wear is as important as the career you've decided to pursue or the area you've opted to live in. And not for the reason you'd think.
08/10/2014 12:11 BST

Why Women Are Still Unhappier at Work Than Men

While this could simply reflect the fact that women may be more open to discussing their emotions, the charity has a different - and more worrying - view, that women are unhappy at work because of self-imposed pressure.
10/09/2014 11:27 BST

Five Ways to Eat Without Eating Up Our Resources

I've always been a firm believer that making your lifestyle more socially and environmentally beneficial should be about savouring the moment, thinking about the decisions we make and embarking on small changes.
27/08/2014 14:37 BST

What No One Tells You About Owning an Electric Car

The problem is, I gloated so much about my principles and how happy I was to be doing my bit for the environment that to admit that the reality of life on the un-polluted, open road has been surprisingly difficult, pains me.
14/08/2014 14:39 BST

The New Way to Keep Employees Happy: Find Them Friends

In a survey of 11,500 professionals across 14 countries, approximately 46% of those aged 16 to 65, including 60% of those aged 16-24 years old said having friends at work made them feel happier, with 50% reporting more motivation.
30/07/2014 14:20 BST

Is It Time to Accept Being Unhappy at Work?

A disgruntled workforce is an unproductive one, I hear you cry. A job should not cost you your mental health. I'd agree. But I want to issue a warning: One of the worst things you can do in your career and in your life more generally, is to keep complaining about your working situation.
15/07/2014 11:26 BST

Entrepreneur Barbie? We Need a Stay-at-Home Ken

Admittedly, as part of the new launch Mattel has partnered existing businesswomen to give advice to those aspiring to follow in their footsteps, but this doesn't go far enough. Everyone trying to maintain some sort of work/life balance knows that professional performance is affected by how organised, settled, stable - and happy, we are able to be at home.
02/07/2014 11:34 BST

Five Reasons Why Flexible Working Hours Can Be Good For Business

While employers can refuse the request if it is considered detrimental to business interests - for example, it may incur extra staff costs - the right to appeal is also built into the guidelines and feedback is mandatory, giving employees the opportunity to demonstrate why their request should be granted. If organised properly, flexible working hours CAN be good for business.
10/06/2014 17:17 BST

Five Reasons Why Emotion Has a Place in the Boardroom

While, in the era of the power suit, it would easy to think that a steely demeanour is the passport to success - and to feel like a failure if a difficult meeting or deadline sends you reaching for the tissues, or something stronger, after hours, the presence of emotion in business can be a good thing.
21/05/2014 17:02 BST

How Amal Alamuddin Proved to Every Woman Out There That They CAN Have It All

There's an element of social commentary here too: Alamuddin (and every other woman that has worked hard to sustain a career, academic passion or otherwise alongside a relationship) contradicts the self-help books, columnists and psychological surveys which advise that it is not possible to have it all
07/05/2014 12:21 BST

Saving the World in Heels: The Exercise Regime

When it comes to health and fitness, personally I've always been a fan of the notion that wearing three-inch heels helps to strengthen your calf muscles, in the same way that carrying a Celine tote, filled to the brim, helps to define your biceps or Acne jeans, worn a little too tight, transform the motion of sitting down into a stomach-clenching lunge.
08/04/2014 13:14 BST

Saving the World in Heels: Sweetness and Light

The anti-sugar anarchist: In the last month, every office, gym and social occasion has seemingly acquired a particular kind of dietary zealot ready to demonise sweet treats, including the humble banana, at the first sign of fun.
25/03/2014 11:29 GMT

Saving the World in Heels, Wearing Picasso Prints

"Fashion is only the attempt to realise art in living forms and social intercourse," said Coco Chanel. This season, lets embrace the trend but do it in a socially responsible way. And stop citing Rembrandt at the dinner table.
10/03/2014 14:33 GMT

Saving the World in Heels When Disaster Strikes

Why is it always those friends whose wardrobes are creaking under the weight of idle purchases, who are desperate to borrow something to wear? Enter T and a third date with a banker as fickle as her taste in Nicholas Kirkwood shoes: A scenario prompting a 'WARDROBE CRISIS!!!!'
26/02/2014 11:42 GMT

Toxic Toys

So what exactly are these products made of and what are the risks? Fundamentally, I learned it boils down to two chemicals; Phthalates and Bisphenol, which worryingly can be found in a number of products that have been designed for babies and young children to put in their mouths.
12/03/2013 15:29 GMT