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Diane Taylor

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New Food Blogger. Food Lover. Food Eater. Food Cooker. Food Writer. Gastrically, digestively and stomachically disabled, also known as chronic severe IBS. Low Fodmap diet convert and worshipper. Family centred Scottish Redhead living in Northern England. Amazon Kindle Indie book reviewer.

Pancake Day: Free From Everything but Pancakes

Unlike the modern day, rich foods in a traditional household would have consisted of sugar, fat, flour and eggs. Now I can't imagine in the 15th century (first records of pancake day and pancake tossing) they cared about intolerances or that a need for gluten and dairy free existed but, fast forward a few hundred years, or a wee bit more, and there is most definitely a need.
20/02/2012 22:09 GMT

Fodmap: A Relief for a Right Pain in the Arse

At times over the past 13 years poo has had much more than a second thought from me. That and the pain I was under on a daily basis, muted on good days, and so sharp and debilitating on bad days. I have gone home from nights out with friends, sat in the toilet for an hour at work and for the sake of emphasis and because I am not the only one, I have pooed my pants.
16/12/2011 22:30 GMT