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Dr Anuradha Arasu

Dr specialising in functional medicine and bio-identical hormone replacement

Dr Anu Arasu practises functional medicine and bio-identical hormone replacement at The Hale Clinic in Regent's Park and 104 Harley Street in London. She has a regular column in Natural Health Magazine, writes for the Metro and comments on the latest health news for Channel 5 and Sky news.

Adrenal Fatigue - Fact or Fiction?

As National Stress Awareness Day is upon us, the question is: why is the term adrenal fatigue still controversial in the mainstream medical community?
07/11/2012 11:12 GMT

The Break-Up Game: Brad Versus Jen

What with all this hype around Brad Pitt banging on about his failed relationship with Jennifer Aniston, I've been thinking again about that old question of who copes better after a break-up: men or women?
27/09/2011 00:00 BST

A Sad State of Affairs

Extramarital affairs are no longer the leading reason why couples split up. Infidelity has been replaced by 'growing apart' and falling out of love as the most popular motivation for filing for divorce.
09/09/2011 13:53 BST

Friends With Benefits

The film Friends with Benefits, an American rom com starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, starts with the premise that we are now at a point in time where women and men can enjoy casual sex equally.
01/09/2011 00:04 BST