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Dr David James

Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist and partner in Theseus Partners LLP

How Having, or Not Having, an NHS Psychiatric Bed Can Kill You

Providing any kind of therapy in this frenzied environment is not possible. Admitting someone in a fragile mental state into this siege atmosphere means you are only arranging an admittance to prevent suicide or harm to others, rather than offering help to the mentally ill in need of care. You have become a form of warder, not a clinician.
17/10/2013 17:38 BST

Knowing the Difference Between Love and Stalking Could Save Your Life

Today, around half of all stalkers are ex-partners, and up to one in four of the population have suffered from being stalked. So many people start relationships not realising that the particular kind of possessive love exhibited by obsessional lovers, could turn romance into a nightmare.
13/02/2013 18:21 GMT

Do Armed Guards Prevent You From Being Shot?

Greater awareness of the link between delusional fixations on public figures and subsequent attacks could aid prevention and encourage earlier intervention in people who, irrespective of whether they eventually attack, have delusional preoccupations which ruin their lives.
21/01/2013 14:28 GMT