Dr Diahanne Rhiney Award-winning PR expert, psychologist, Founder of Strength With In Me Foundation, Domestic Abuse interventionist

Dr Diahanne Rhiney is synonymous with the unrelenting, multifaceted, tireless 'superwoman' archetype we have come to associate with powerful women in a Michele Obama-esque age. Leaping from a successful model to a sought-after business honcho, Diahanne has finally reached a natural platform wherein she can utilise her savvy as a PR expert and positively impact others in the same space.

Diahanne's interview with the late Coretta Scott-King, was a game-changer. As was hosting and commentating on Barack Obama's first Inauguration Celebration in February 2009 followed swiftly by winning the Natwest Everywoman Athena Award in December 2009. Diahanne currently pens several blogs and speaks at events and workshops all over the world on the topics nearest to her heart. She also runs the Diahanne Rhiney consultancy which represents a plethora of diverse, dynamic clients.

As a leading consultant, Diahanne is recognised and authoritative commentator on business success, branding, media, personal development and the theory of change. Her ability extends to psychology and counselling in the gritty domain of domestic violence and abuse; a territory she is qualified in not purely due to her academic achievements as a psychologist but to her own personal experiences. Her own pioneering Domestic Violence campaign S.W.I.M (the acronym for 'Strength With In Me') is a trailblazing concept aimed at equipping the next generation with the tools to avoid negative relationships and make empowered life choices.

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