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Dr Elizabeth Kilbey

Clinical Child Psychologist

Dr Elizabeth Kilbey is a Clinical Child Psychologist, specialising in working with emotional and behavioural difficulties with children and their families

Technology for Good or Bad?

We often hear that today's modern world is corrupting children and technology and media alike are having a negative impact on their lives. I guess this is understandable set against a backdrop of frequent internet horror stories. However, in my mind, technology is not corrupting in itself.
14/02/2013 12:58 GMT

Learning the Value of Money

I find it challenging enough saving money myself, let alone teaching my children to do the same with their pocket money. So what is the best way to teach kids about the value of money in a way that they can understand and put to good use?
22/01/2013 16:30 GMT

Negotiation, Negotiation, Negotiation

Every parent knows the importance of negotiation. Some days you end up feeling a bit like a UN peacekeeper working tirelessly to keep you and your children happy. It can be exhausting so here are some tips to help make it easier.
13/01/2013 22:51 GMT

Avoiding Disappointment This Christmas

Many parents worry that as their children get older, reach adolescence or start secondary school, they become increasingly aware of what their friends have and they want to have the same or better.
20/12/2012 17:04 GMT