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Dr Geeta Nargund

Medical Director of CREATE Fertility

Professor.Dr Geeta Nargund is a global pioneer of Natural,Mild IVF and Advanced ultrasound in Reproductive Medicine. She deeply cares about the health and safety of women and children in IVF treatment. She writes about women's choices, health, education and gender equality.

Infertility - Let's Shift The Paradigm From Treatment To Prevention

With 1 out of 6 couples now requiring a fertility doctor to help them achieve a pregnancy, I disagree with the suggestion that women do not need such tests unless they are having trouble conceiving. These tests provide both men and women with crucial information about their chances of conceiving that enables them to make informed decisions before it may be too late.
24/08/2017 17:22 BST

IVF: Cutting Costs And Bridging The Social Divide

In the last 20 years much has changed in the field of fertility treatment -advances in technology we could not have dreamed of even twenty years ago. The challenge now is to harness those advances in ways that puts women's health at the heart of every decision, to ensure that current IVF treatment is made less expensive and safer for women and finally to push forward on current exciting research to slash the costs of fertility treatment to make IVF more accessible to couples across the social divide.
16/09/2016 12:10 BST

Don't Mention the 'M' Word

Being a parent is no measure of intellectual acumen, emotional intelligence or strategic ability. Just as fatherhood isn't an acknowledged badge of ability in either the political or business world, to value women on the basis of whether they are or aren't a mother is to seriously undervalue them...
13/07/2016 12:44 BST

IVF: Latest Research Shows Negative Effects of High Drug Stimulation

Different dosages of drugs are used by different clinics, with some clinics even using 600 IU of FSH per day which is very high. Some clinics also give "off label" medication during the implantation phase and early pregnancy. It is concerning that there is no regulation as to what drugs are given and in what dosages.
30/10/2015 15:11 GMT

Fertility Education: Facts Not Fiction

Following my call last week to Nicky Morgan for fertility education to be introduced as part of the school curriculum for both genders, I have been disturbed by the number of educated and influential figures making public statements that female fertility does not decline with age.
11/06/2015 11:17 BST

Fertility Education: The Debate We Need to Have

Sex and relationship education is for now and fertility education is for the future. Conception and contraception are two sides of the same coin. We need to empower our young people with education on fertility, so that they can stand a better chance of falling pregnant when they choose to. Education empowers.
03/06/2015 09:49 BST

Egg Freezing -12 Frequently Asked Questions

Egg freezing is in the news this week as Apple and Facebook have announced that they will offer egg freezing to their female employees. There is a lot misinformation about egg freezing and so here are 12 frequently asked questions and their answers.
23/10/2014 12:54 BST

Time to Celebrate the Success of a More Natural and Mild Approach to IVF

In my work and medical research, I've seen an increase in the number of women actively seeking out Natural or Mild approaches as their first choice for IVF treatment. However, I still feel that for women who are having difficulty in conceiving, awareness about fertility treatments and different IVF options remains far too low.
11/06/2013 10:31 BST

5 Things to Think About if You Want to Have a Baby

One of the questions I often get asked is: "What should I do to prepare my body for pregnancy?" Trying to start a family can be a challenge, and many women want to know all the facts to give themselves the best chance of conception and give their baby the best start in life
13/05/2013 11:53 BST