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Dr Gus Casely-Hayford

Art Historian and broadcaster

Dr Gus Casely-Hayford is an art historian who after completing his PhD in African history, went on to run a number of degree and MA courses in international culture. He has presented in television and radio and written widely on African culture. Former Executive Director of Arts Strategy, Arts Council England, and Ex - Director of the Institute of International Contemporary Art (inIVA), Augustus Casely-Hayford has offered leadership to some of the most high profile arts organisations in Britain. He has advised the United Nations and the Canadian, Dutch and Norwegian Arts Councils and the Tate Gallery. Prior to joining inIVA he initiated, and became the Director of Africa 05, the largest African arts season ever hosted in Britain, when over 150 venues collaborated to host more than 1000 events. He is currently a Research Associate at SOAS, is a member of Tate Britain Council and is a Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. His second Lost Kingdoms of Africa series was broadcast on the BBC in early 2012 and accompanying book is available published by Bantam.

Discovering the Lost Kingdoms of Africa

The success of the first BBC series of <em>Lost Kingdoms of Africa</em> surprised a lot of people. Quietly, I have to admit, that even after years of saying that there was an audience for African History on television, I was taken aback by the scale, and more particularly by the response of audiences.
27/01/2012 22:21 GMT