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Dr Malte Gerhold

Sierra Leone Country Head, the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative

Dr Malte Gerhold joined AGI from the position of Deputy Director of the Strategy Group in the Department of Health. Before this he worked on health reforms in the Prime Minister's Delivery Unit, and as a strategy consultant for Accenture. He holds a PhD from the University of Oxford.

Delivery and Democracy in Sierra Leone

In the week that Kenyans went to the polls I was reminded of a morning three months ago walking through the streets of Freetown, Sierra Leone. The pace of the country's capital was not at its usual frantic level. Queues were steadily forming around voting booths, observers busy checking materials, and polling station staff working from morning to late into the night. It was the 17 November 2012, election day in Sierra Leone.
04/03/2013 15:36 GMT