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Dr Markus Schultze-Kraft

Research Fellow in the Governance Team at the Institute of Development Studies

Research Fellow and Team Leader of the Governance Team at the Institute of Development Studies

Peace In Colombia: So Close But So Far

The international community too needs to reconsider its rather complacent stance regarding Colombia's peace process. As it turns out, Colombia is not a 'quick win' scenario for peacemakers. In the past years, valuable international good offices have achieved so much. Now is the time for more decisive political engagement.
07/10/2016 13:19 BST

Bold West African Drug Policy Proposal Should Be Taken Up, And Taken Further

Fact: Most people will simply never get anything out of networking. BUT help is at hand. Although it can take a while to become a master at networking, it only takes a few quick corrections to stop repelling people from you. Here are four of the main reasons people fail miserably at this crucial game.
18/06/2014 14:13 BST

Syria - Doing the Right Thing?

As the leaders of the world's twenty most powerful nations are flocking to St Petersburg, the UK's international development secretary, Justine Greening, made a valiant effort to reduce the toxic political fallout of her prime minister's fiasco over British policy <em>vis-à-vis</em> Syria this week - and perhaps also to save her own skin after failing to vote for the government's motion.
06/09/2013 11:14 BST

Drug Policy Reform Momentum: Where Is the International Development Community?

Drug policy reform advocates have some reason to be upbeat these days. Momentum for reassessing the existing prohibitionist international policy framework is gathering in different corners of the world. New, unusual suspects are joining the debate, providing fresh perspectives and challenging entrenched positions.
27/06/2013 11:05 BST