Dr Simon Duffy

Director of Centre for Welfare Reform and Secretary for Citizen Network

Dr Simon Duffy is Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform, an independent think tank that works to improve the welfare state and secretary to the international cooperative, Citizen Network. Simon is a philosopher and social innovator, best known for inventing personal budgets and developing the keys to citizenship. He has founded a number of organisations including Inclusion Glasgow and In Control and has written several books and many articles. He was awarded the RSA’s Prince Albert medal for social innovation in 2008 and the Social Policy Association’s award for outstanding contribution to social policy in 2011. His doctorate is in moral philosophy where he set out to defend the reality of the Moral Law.

Christians Come Out Against Austerity

Christians have much to say that is relevant today, ideas and examples which can help us to find a better way of living together - for the common good. But we must no longer be fooled by the lies and rhetoric that have led us astray for the past few decades.
06/09/2017 12:30 BST

Why Care Regulation Needs to Change

The Care Quality Commission or CQC has probably one of the most important jobs in the country: to make sure that people who need care are safe from abuse. Unfortunately the evidence is that they are failing in this task and they are bound to fail because of how they are organised and how they think.
27/01/2017 11:33 GMT

Does Theresa May Understand The Meaning Of Citizenship?

At the Conservative Party Conference this year, Theresa May declared "if you believe you're a citizen of the world, you're a citizen of nowhere. You don't understand what the very word 'citizenship' means." This rhetoric was used to justify her Government's efforts to reduce the number of people coming to live, work and study here from abroad.
10/10/2016 17:01 BST

What is Inclusion?

It's time we all joined this revolution. It's time we put behind us all the walls and exclusions. It's time we recognised the value of every human being. It's time to build a world where everybody matters. That's what inclusion means.
09/05/2016 15:48 BST

Is a Labour Victory Actually Possible? - Some Heretical Thoughts

As the graph shows, two party politics has been slowly dying since the 1950s. However our electoral system continues to make it surprisingly easy for one party to form a Government. But, if this pattern continues, then Government - all Governments - will increasingly lack legitimacy.
19/05/2015 15:21 BST

People With Learning Disabilities Mark the Parties

The results are in. People with learning disabilities and their families have marked all 5 main political parties in England, based on whether they will defend the rights of people with learning disabilities in the future. It's good news for the Greens (81%), not bad for Labour (71%), terrible for the Conservatives (18%).
06/04/2015 00:16 BST

Scottish Independence and Welfare Reform

The UK is the most centralised welfare state in the world. Almost everything is decided in Whitehall. But we continue to ignore this fact. If the Union does finally end then this may be because we have failed, for far too long, to challenge the centralisation and bureaucracy that sits at the heart of the UK's welfare state.
03/09/2014 11:33 BST

The Welfare Reform Scam

The government's claim that it is protecting disabled people from cuts is, of course, nonsense. Deep cuts are being made to disability benefits and to social care, which is now used by 25% fewer people. But government is expert in disguising its actions and finding someone else to blame.
04/12/2013 17:03 GMT

Is It Time for a New Coalition?

On the eve of the Conservative Party Conference a new coalition is emerging. Driven by the injustice of a range of policies - all of which target disabled adults, older people, children and war veterans.
25/09/2013 12:45 BST

Is Fraud Always Wrong?

Anyone who examines the facts knows that benefit fraud is a minor problem. Tax fraud is 15 times bigger, unclaimed benefits 17 times bigger, benefit cuts are 22 times bigger and tax evasion is 30 to 70 times bigger. In the context of our national finances benefit fraud is near irrelevant...
17/09/2013 17:29 BST

Welfare Myth Four - Welfare Caused the Crisis

The myth most often used by politicians to justify their attack on the welfare state is that welfare spending is somehow unaffordable and is to blame for the current crisis. Nothing could be further from the truth.
17/06/2013 14:41 BST

Fears for Blue Labour Dream

The real challenge for Labour is to defend its heritage. The welfare state is under attack like never before, and fighting for real rights is the key to its defence.
10/06/2013 23:04 BST

Welfare Myth Two - Benefit Fraud is a Big Problem

Fraud is always a problem. Lying and cheating is wrong and society should certainly discourage it. But benefit fraud - people lying and cheating in order to increase the size of their benefits - is <strong>not a big problem</strong>. There are many problems which are much bigger, in particular fraud by government.
25/03/2013 12:02 GMT

We're All Different - Get Over It

Yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day, a celebration of the lives of people who have Down syndrome. Down syndrome is a genetic condition called a trisomy, where someone is born with an extra copy of chromosome 21 (three instead of the normal two). You may not think that there is a point to celebrating the lives of people with a genetic condition - but you'd be wrong.
22/03/2013 10:06 GMT