Dr. Sohom Das Half Psychiatric doctor, half opinionated human being

I am a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist. I have worked in psychiatry for over 12 years in a variety of settings. I now mainly work within the Criminal Justice System (within a major prison and in a criminal court in London). I also run my own medico-legal practice (www.sigmadeltapsych.co.uk); through this, I carry out a range of psychiatric assessments as an expert witness for the criminal and civil court. However, my most challenging role is a mediator between two arguing young boys (who are my progeny).

I care about mental health and the way it is portrayed. I care about the mentally unwell and the way they are portrayed (and treated).

Stigma and ignorance surrounding mental illness irritates and saddens me. My blog is my attempt at doing my tiny bit to fight against stigma by de-mystifying mental illness and all things psychiatric.

I want to provoke thought and discussion.
I don’t want to provoke insults and arguments.

I blogged for a while then my pesky life got in the way. Fatherhood tested my patience and my comfort, but I survived. Now I’m back… Like Craig David (but I don’t take myself as seriously). Plus I don’t start my blogs by melodically repeating my name (which many of my colleagues still struggle to pronounce properly).

Read my blog.
Tell me your views
Challenge my opinions; I want to see other perspectives.
Don’t be a troll.

I am always interested in journalistic opportunities and correspondence. I can be contacted at drsohomdas@hotmail.co.uk or twitter

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