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Drew McConnell

Bass guitarist and backing vocalist with Babyshambles

Bournemouth, Folkestone Exeter & Out.

Peter was a little worse for wear by the end of the show that night. His favourite drink is a cocktail called 'The Brucie Special'. Throughout the set he seemed bent on downing as many as he could. There's a certain slapstick quality to watching poor old Brucie double tasking between drum teching and being Pete's bartender.
04/11/2013 17:08 GMT

Molly Naylor and the Cambridgeshire Crime Wave

A day or two later we read in the paper that £25,000 worth of mobile phones are stolen during the performance. That explains the crowd chant of "where's my f*cking phone gone" that goes up towards the end of the set - not surprisingly it utterly mystifies us at the time.
28/10/2013 16:43 GMT

Loveless and the Leicester Lurch

Leicester. This town instantly makes me think of two things. The first is a patented dance manoeuvre, known only within limited circles as The Leicester Lurch©. Invented onstage during a Babyshambles gig in Leicester circa 2006.
24/10/2013 17:27 BST

Barbarians of Birmingham

During soundcheck Adam is keen to run any tunes I think Peter could surprise us with -this has happened a few times already on the tour- so we fire through A'Rebours and French Dog Blues. The Birmingham Academy is a cavernous old room, and soundchecks here are notoriously unhelpful.
23/10/2013 16:47 BST

Meet Jai, the Merchandise Guy

Today is Jai's birthday. Who is Jai, you ask? Well, if you've been to one of the shows this tour, you may remember the handsome devil behind the merch stall. What you didn't realise as you perused the fine selection of quality products on offer, is that Jai is one of Peter's oldest and best pals.
21/10/2013 17:25 BST

The Hatfield Bop

This was the one everybody was curious about. Reading down the list of dates on the tour, every show was in a well-trodden town except this one. No one I spoke to had played here either, indeed few had even heard of it. Turns out it's a newish venue, built on the University of Hertfordshire campus.
18/10/2013 17:10 BST


We played pretty well, a touch rusty perhaps after a short gap since Paris. It didn't matter though; the crowd were determined to make it an incredible evening. Every so often an audience shocks you with their reaction- Sheffield were just such an audience this first night back on the road, they went berserk from start to finish. The Steel City embracing some London Troublemakers, what?
16/10/2013 17:42 BST

Promo: "Can You Go On a Cookery Show?"

The first bit of promo was pretty surreal. We actually have a really great team in Parlophone France, and we trust them to book us for promotional performances appropriately. On this occasion however we arrived at the TV studio to discover we had been booked to play a cookery show. Ok, why not?
11/10/2013 16:02 BST

Plumbing Conundrums and Rhododendrons

The show tonight was ace. A game of two halves; the main set was solid, but we really came to life during the encore. After a good run of consecutive shows, we can now follow Peter's wilder 'band direction' with ease.
10/10/2013 17:09 BST

Cardiff, 'Little Dublin'

I awoke before dawn, still over excited from our Brixton Academy show. Last night was a late one, predictably. Strolling into Cardiff centre as the first signs of daylight appear, I realise I've only slept three hours. The lack of sleep adds a slightly surreal glaze to my early morning mooch as I set forth in search of coffee.
23/09/2013 16:50 BST

Sons Of Brixton

Readers here may be thinking 10 years is not so long for a band to be around. How hard can being in a band be? I think what I'm trying to say boils down to this: I'm very aware of the fact I don't take this life for granted.
16/09/2013 17:11 BST

The Oxford Anti-Gig

Evening all. Well we just played Oxford Academy. A very odd show... I came offstage not quite knowing how it went. Yep, one of those. Peter (Doherty) typed out an order of songs that looked great on paper, but soon as we got a few tunes in he continued to completely disregard it.
15/09/2013 19:43 BST

Lincoln With an L and Bristol With a Bang

From the new album we've played every song on this tour except the title track, <em>Sequel To The Prequel</em>. I'm not sure why, but Peter doesn't seem ready to perform it live yet. We keep running it in our pre-gig dressing room run throughs, so hopefully it'll make an appearance soon...
13/09/2013 16:58 BST

New Dawns and Dodgy Prawns

It's such fun to watch Peter Doherty riffing when he's on form like this. Something I don't think people know is just how funny he is. He really does make me laugh. He has the capacity to see the funny side to most things, which is a quality you want in a touring buddy.
10/09/2013 22:21 BST

Dancing to Leeds Architecture

The Leeds crowd last night were well up for it. They took Peter's "Hello Manchester!" gag in good jest, and I think it was probably the first time I've seen a full 'widen it out, then smash it back in' circle pit at an indie show. It made me wonder, do Babyshambles have a bit of punk/hardcore fanbase crossover?
09/09/2013 17:39 BST

Stagediving and Town Planning

Newcastle Academy... Well, it kicked off again. Peter stagedived during <em>Babyshambles</em> the song and the whole place went haywire. Normally when he does that it takes a minute or two, tops, before he crawls out. Tonight he was basically the rugby ball in a scrum of Northern Shamblites for a full ten minutes.
06/09/2013 16:39 BST

Huflington Blag #2

Our guitar tech Brucie, usually conservative in his praise, has just climbed on board the bus announcing tonight's show to be his "favourite Shambles gig ever". Not to fill this blog the HP have kindly offered me with self approbation, but if we continue in this vein its going to be a smasher of a tour. Splendid.
05/09/2013 12:57 BST

Babyshambles Back on the Road

We played great, despite the usual disorder of stagediving kids spilling over the monitors onto our pedals (disconnecting them and breaking leads in the process). Peter in all honesty hasn't been as present as the rest of the band at rehearsals, but he remembered the lyrics for all the new songs pretty well.
05/09/2013 08:43 BST