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Dustin Benton

Policy director of Green Alliance, the UK’s leading environmental think tank

Dustin leads the Resource Stewardship theme at Green Alliance, the UK’s leading environmental think tank.

Previously, he ran the Climate and Energy Futures theme, focusing on Electricity Market Reform and energy efficiency, giving evidence to the Energy and Climate Change Committee in June 2012 on the draft Energy Bill. He also contributed to a public debate on pathways to a low-carbon 2050 hosted by DECC in early 2011.

Before joining Green Alliance, Dustin worked for the Campaign to Protect Rural England where he led work on the relationship between landscape protection, climate change, and new energy infrastructure. He also led on the future of land use, and was a key contributor to CPRE’s Vision for the countryside, which provides a long-term perspective on how the countryside should be managed in light of increasing demands on the land.

He holds an MA in political thought and theory from the University of Birmingham and an MA in international relations and French from the University of St Andrews.

Should We Trust Michael Gove?

Many people have pointed to Gove's voting record on climate change, his association with climate sceptic Brexiteers, and his scepticism about experts. Modern environmentalism is deeply rooted in science, and many environmentalists self-identify as experts. There is a lot of scepticism, but it is not easy to fake an emotion as powerful as love, and this is at the heart of Michael Gove's message.
27/07/2017 13:06 BST

Why The Treasury Should Go For Low Carbon Infrastructure - Regardless Of Climate Change

Theresa May's decisiveness on infrastructure represents a political break from Cameron and Osborne, but her messaging has the same political purpose: Britain will build its way out of trouble, and in doing so, it will make itself great. Low carbon is the best way to be great now, and for the next 50 years. After all, what we build today becomes tomorrow's infrastructure. We really are the builders.
14/11/2016 13:28 GMT

The Surprise Death of UK CCS Is the Real Energy Reset

Of course, CCS may be developed by other countries, and the Treasury is probably hoping that it will prove cheaper for someone else to develop the technology and then buy it in. But, until then, policy will need to deploy renewables at much greater scale, and push industry to transform to become much more resource productive. This will be the real energy reset.
27/11/2015 15:44 GMT

What Alice in Wonderland Can Teach Us About Resource Scarcity

Raising resource productivity will require a refocusing of industrial effort, capital allocation and innovation. Given time, this may happen on its own, but system change is hard, and there is plenty of inertia which keeps the economy linear.
01/11/2013 14:52 GMT

Which Raw Materials Pose the Biggest Business Risks?

Chatham House produced an <a href=',%20Environment%20and%20Development/1212r_resourcesfutures.pdf'>excellent report</a> on resource futures last month, which provides a detailed and comprehensive look at how underlying environmental stress contributes to material insecurity. Its diagnosis, that declaring that "the spectre of resource insecurity has come back with a vengeance" is stark.
16/01/2013 09:43 GMT