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Eddy Chan

As a dad I've created in an effort to democratise education and make the benefit of private tutors available to all.

I’m Eddy Chan, a father of 3 from Surrey who throughout the last few years has become exasperated by the constant news stories surrounding the tutoring sector and the statistics which tell us that 1 in 4 children now have a home tutor. For me this was all well and good for the parents who could afford this luxury which can cost anything between £20-80 per hour, but what about the other 75% who simply can’t afford this facility?.
My idea to create is ultimately to try and democratise education and make the benefit of private tutors available to all parents and children and not just the elite.
The aim is to even the playing field for everyone sitting exams by creating a site offering past exam papers with online tutors who take you through each question step by step from the method through to finding the solution. Alongside this we have computer animated graphics for maximum engagement. The facility is there for children to revisit the papers as frequently as they wish, on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
With over 3bn worth of education cuts happening throughout the UK in the next 4 years, teacher shortages and extra support no longer available this isn’t just a resource for parents and children but also schools themselves.

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