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Eleanor Church

Documentary filmmaker and photographer - I love stories, exploring, growing things and making things

I work under the name Lark Rise Pictures and I've been directing, filming and editing documentary films & photo stories for 15 years. With a background in investigative, documentary & creative filmmaking & photography, the projects that I've worked on have taken me across the UK & the world, in many cases, working in challenging environments.
I have a Masters degree in Documentary Practice and continue to work on a wide variety of documentary projects with a particular interest in society, environment, human rights, migration and supply chains.
My latest short film "AIR: A film about the air we breathe" is about the impact of our air quality crisis facing the UK. Shot using a hand-held camera, the audience is taken on an intimate journey following a handful of Londoners on their morning commute. With a background narrative of expert opinions interweaving each scene as a radio programme, compelling interviews from leading experts in science, medicine, law and technology explore the air quality crisis caused largely by emissions from diesel vehicles in our capital city.

Why It's Time To Start Caring About Air Pollution

There's something about air pollution caused largely by emissions from diesel vehicles that people can't quite get their heads around. A perfect example of blissful ignorance. Until I had a call from a friend and ex-colleague Eleanor Church, I was one of them.
06/10/2017 11:16 BST