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Elizabeth Sirrell

Living & thinking in Scotland. Co-founder of End Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Living and thinking in Scotland.
I live with chronic pain, but there's more to me than that. I enjoy writing, art and sometimes just watch the world go by. Sadly, it's not always pretty to watch.

Living With Chronic Pain Isn't Just About Living With Pain

Families can become frustrated. Sometimes they can't understand why the pain can't be cured with some extra strong headache pills. Sometimes they can't cope with seeing them in pain. Sometimes they might not believe that the pain can be so controlling. And sometimes they want a more 'reliable' relative. Sometimes they too just drift away.
05/05/2017 12:05 BST

Rude Awakenings In The Afternoon

I'm normally having a relaxing afternoon snooze when it happens. Dreaming of sun, sea and who knows what. Then I hear it. Far off in the distance at first as though it's part of my dream, then suddenly it dawns on me, it's the phone.
12/04/2017 11:03 BST

Please Scotland, Say Yes This Time

The UK is going to have a Tory government for many years come. A Tory government that Scotland never votes for. On it's own, that is a frightening prospect. But along with Brexit, it is even more frightening. Even more frightening for those of us up here in Scotland, especially knowing that they could dismantle the Scottish Parliament altogether.
14/03/2017 10:40 GMT

Why Are Other Parties Obsessed With Scottish Nationalism?

It seems that all the Labour and Tory Parties have to offer is their adversity towards Scottish Nationalism and its supporters. Nothing else. They have nothing to give Scotland. Nothing except opposition. SNP may not be perfect, but we know one thing about them. Their focus is on Scotland.
08/03/2017 12:22 GMT